Diabolik: from the drawing to the stone comics

After leafing through several Diabolik publications, I choose the framing to examine, in order to start the realisation of the mosaic. Then, I have to enlarge and reproduce the drawing on the wooden panel.

Diabolik il Re del Terrore, 10x30 (cm), work in progress

The laying step is very important: it’s necessary to insert each “tessera” (the individual fragment of marble, or other material) in the cement binder for at least two thirds of its thickness.
The mosaic structure takes shape through the realisation of small portions.

Eva Kant 43x50 work in progress
Even if my single product can appear similar one to each other (since I can decide to repeat the same design / sketch / project), my mosaics are always and definitely unique in terms of manpower, material selection and “andamento” (the flow and direction of the tesserae).

Mosaic is a hand-made product, requiring ability, patience, hundreds and hundreds of hammer blows to complete a complex design, even on small surfaces.

To establish the price of one of my creations, I need first to reinterpret the drawing as a mosaic.

The mosaics taken from DIABOLIK comics are authorized by Astorina and copyrighted.



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